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Aliuminio dėžučių gamyba pagal užsakymą pagal paruoštus arba Jūsų eskizus. Unikalaus dizaino kūrimas jūsų užduotims. Savos gamybos. Užsisakyti aliuminines dėžes Lietuvoje galima mūsų svetainėje naudojant atitinkamą formą.




Steel bins are custom made in galvanized or stainless steel depending on the end use and overall household needs.
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Production of metal boxes - «CASEPROM»

The company CASEPROM is a developer and manufacturer of aluminum and steel boxes (cases, suitcases, containers) according to the individual sizes of customers.
Boxes of any complexity for industrial and domestic use, intended for long-term use. Strong and practical, resistant to aggressive environments and heavy loads. Appropriate appearance.

We offer:
– minimum costs;
– optimal terms for the production of aluminum and galvanized steel boxes;
- self-made boxes and containers from the catalog, as well as any standard sizes;
– discounts for regular customers;
– organization of delivery to the Client;

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