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What is a corpus? What is case intake?

The case is a structural (metal box) in which, depending on the functional purpose, there may be one or another filler (boards, mechanical parts, electrical relays or wires, or anything in general). To simplify the above: a case is a metal box that the customer has to fill with something. For example, a computer system unit, a microwave oven, an electric meter box, an oscilloscope or a payment terminal are just metal boxes with a functional filling.

Accordingly, our company is engaged in manufacturing metal cases for customers according to the customer's drawings or sketches.

What affects the production cost of a metal body?

The complexity of the design, the need for related work (for example, pressing of nuts and fasteners or powder coating of the body), the geometric dimensions of the product, the number of copies, the availability of finished product drawings.

What are case cutters?

This is a body cut from a sheet of metal according to the perimeter of the drawing, without bending and subsequent technological steps: stamping of "bolts", "studs" and "sleeves", painting, etc.

What technologies are used in the production of the metal body?
  • We use the following processes to manufacture the metal body:

    sheet metal cutting (can also include punching, stamping, turning or milling);
    metal bending;
    rivet joint;
    metal welding (spot or seams);
    powder coating (enamel can also be used);
    application of symbols, inscriptions and screen printing

It is necessary to make a batch of metal casings from steel. There are no drawings, but the dimensions are known. Is it possible to calculate the costs?

Maybe be. Make a sketch (sketch) of your case on paper, scan it or just take a photo and send it by email.
. We will make a drawing and calculate the price of the case according to its dimensions, the complexity of the execution and the material of manufacture, and we will inform you.

What is the cost of producing cases according to our drawing? What is the work and payment procedure?

We will be able to provide you with the exact cost of manufacturing the final metal products after calculating the necessary work, design complexity and materials. After that, we will agree on the project, price and conditions, sign the contract and issue an invoice. We work on the principle of advance payment, an advance scheme of 70%-30% is possible.

However, to be sure of the quality of our work, we are ready to make a sample of your case free of charge.

We need to make a batch of small device cases. This equipment should also be powder coated. you do it?

We take care of the entire cycle of work, we do everything necessary: ​​from the creation of your body project, procurement of materials, production, painting, finishing, packaging and delivery to the specified address.

What are the advantages of riveted joints used in the production of boxes, metal cases
  • ease of execution of technological connection nodes
  • the ability to connect complex nodes
  • no thermal effect on the materials of the connected parts during installation
  • allows you to connect elements that cannot be welded;
  • high level of reliability, long service life of the mounting block;
  • increased resistance to vibration and repeated loads
  • the possibility of installing critical structures operated in difficult conditions.
Do you make standard metal cases?

We can make almost any body from metal, but in each specific case you need to understand what kind of body we are talking about, because there may be restrictions (for example, the desired thickness of the metal or geometric dimensions).

It also sometimes happens that the customer needs to repeat a certain specific case of someone else's production.

In this case, it sometimes happens that it is easier to contact the manufacturer or representatives of official suppliers. Because the production of metal products according to an individual order and in one copy will require more time and other resources than mass production.

However, if you later plan to order a mass series of such cases, then the price, of course, will already be profitable.

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