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Application of aluminum boxes in shipbuilding

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The use of aluminum crates in shipbuilding plays a key role in providing lightweight, strong and highly efficient vessels that meet the modern requirements of the marine industry.
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Aluminum structures of ship containers produced by Caseprom, UAB provide a high degree of strength with a relatively low weight, which helps reduce the overall weight of the vessel and increase its maneuverability.

The extreme corrosion resistance of aluminum crates is a critical feature in marine environments, ensuring long life of the ship’s structure and reducing maintenance costs.
Innovative technologies introduced by Caseprom, UAB in the production of aluminum ship boxes make it possible to take into account the individual needs of shipbuilding projects, providing maximum flexibility in design.

The high thermal and electrical conductivity of aluminum materials helps to effectively manage the temperature on the boat, providing comfortable interior space and increasing energy efficiency.

The use of aluminum containers for storing and transporting cargo on ships improves the overall efficiency of ship operations, reducing loading and unloading time and providing crew comfort.

The light weight of aluminum ship boxes from Caseprom, UAB helps to reduce the heavy load on the ship structure, which is an important aspect in the construction of modern marine vessels.

Aluminum crates provide a high level of security for cargo when transported by sea, protecting it from external factors, including moisture, salt water and sea conditions.
Caseprom, UAB actively cooperates with leading shipbuilding enterprises, providing individual solutions for optimizing the storage and transportation of cargo on ships.
The use of aluminum boxes in shipbuilding from Caseprom, UAB opens up new opportunities for the development of modern, efficient and environmentally sustainable marine vessels.

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