Areas of application

Application of aluminum boxes in the food industry


The use of aluminum boxes in the food industry significantly improves the conditions for storing and transporting products, ensuring a high standard of hygiene and food safety.
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Aluminum boxes produced by Caseprom, UAB are characterized by a high degree of tightness, preventing the entry of moisture, odors and microorganisms, which is important for maintaining the freshness and quality of products.

The light weight of aluminum containers simplifies the handling and transportation of food products, reduces the risk of cargo damage, and also reduces energy costs for logistics operations.

Due to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, the boxes provide uniform temperature distribution, which helps maintain the necessary storage conditions for various types of products.

Durable and corrosion-resistant aluminum crates ensure long service life and minimize the risk of product contamination during transport.
Custom sizes and configurations of boxes allow packaging to be tailored to the specific requirements and characteristics of different types of products, ensuring optimal use of space.
Ergonomic handles and closure systems make the use of aluminum containers convenient and efficient, speeding up storage and shipping processes.

The ability to easily label and brand boxes improves product recognition, allowing for effective marketing and ease of inventory management.

Aluminum containers from Caseprom, UAB meet high food industry safety standards, which is especially important when transporting products with high hygiene requirements.
Innovative solutions in the production of aluminum boxes make it possible to effectively manage the supply chain in the food industry, accelerating the processing and delivery of products from manufacturer to consumer.

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